The Mirissa Bay Beach


Be it a young adult in search of peace, calm and seclusion, a family in search of rest and recreation or an adrenaline junkie, Mirissa has an abundance of sites, attractions and activities to offer you. Perhaps foremost on this elaborate list is its stunning crescent shaped sandy beach. Whether it’s a hammock to gently sway you to sleep, a wide sandy beach to build the most elaborate of sand castle or to catch and ride that perfect wave, the beach has all this to offer and more.

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Whale & Dolphin Watching


Whale watching continues to grow as an extremely popular tourist activity in the recent past and Mirissa is one of the few places in the world which allows nature lovers to have a close encounter with the magnificent blue whales and several rare species of dolphins.

The Mirissa harbor is a mere five minute walk from The Loft and is always filled with many whale watching tour operators. The tour generally starts around 5am in the morning and usually takes 3 –to 5 hours.

The best time of the year to see these gentle giants at their magical best is from November through till April.

“Sri Lanka’s southern tip nudges the depths of the continental shelf, favoured by blues; nowhere else does the world’s biggest creature swim so close to land, so reliably” –  Wanderlust Travel Magazine

Scuba Diving


While on holiday on the sunny beaches of Mirissa another great activity to experience is scuba diving. Mirissa is a great place for beginners and advanced divers to explore the beauty of the deep blue sea.

There are many diving schools in close proximity to The Loft and we request and recommend you to do your research in selecting the most experienced and friendly diving schools.

If you are lucky on the day you maybe swimming with a blue whale!

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Surfing is the most popular activity in Mirissa. Surfers from across the globe visit Mirissa to grasp a chance at catching and riding that perfect wave. The wait is never a long one. Consistently sited in the most read and renowned international travel magazines, websites, blogs etc. is the fact that the sea in Mirissa is the ideal playground for any beginner and advanced surfer in the world.

If you are new to surfing and wish to learn the art there are many surf schools in the area to choose from offering attractive packages that will get you balancing on the board and riding your first wave within a couple of days.

It is advisable to check the tide on the day before you set out to get the most out of your experience.

Array of experiences and endless possibility
for a resort style life !

Fresh and Exquisite Seafood Cuisines


If your weakness is succulent, fresh seafood there is no better place to be than the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Mirissa is home to a variety of home grown beach restaurants, pubs and bars which are mostly situated on the coast. Just a casual stroll down the road from The Loft, you will come across many of them which will leave you spoilt for choice.

The local ambience is a treat on its own with some restaurants / cafes will have seating on mats, bean bags or cushions laid on the floor looking into the ocean which will make for an unforgettable food experience.

There are many varieties of cuisine that are served in all these establishments so you don’t have to worry if you are not an avid seafood fan.

Night Life


When in Mirissa the night life is a must experience. The way in which this beautiful beach magically transforms to a festival of lights and sound is one best witnessed than told. there are many bars, pubs and beach clubs in the area that play different tunes that cater to a diverse group of travelers.

The weekends are when the best parties are organized and it is advisable to check with a local as to which club will be hosting the weekly party.

If you are not into the dance and music you could very much sit back by the ocean and enjoy a memorable meal looking into the ocean lit up by fishing boats under a blanket of stars whilst sinking your feet into the soft sandy beach

Water Sports and so much more..


Jet skies are a regular sight and are often spotted heading into the horizon. These are freely available on rent to master a different perspective of the ocean and its wide expanse.

If one is interested in exploring the sites, sounds and culture of Sri Lanka, there is a plethora of ancient temples, old towns, fortresses, beaches, jungle, rivers and lagoons waiting to be explored, all within close proximity to Mirissa.

The ideal way to accomplish this is by hiring a scooter. All that Mirissa has to offer is only limited by one’s own imagination…