Just one and a half hour drive from Colombo along the stunning southern coast of Sri Lanka rests the quaint yet vibrant town of Mirissa. From its glorious sandy beach, the perfect wave to the magnificent sunset that will leave you in awe, all that Mirissa has to offer is the epitome of poetry at play.

Highly sought after by discerning locals and foreigners alike, Mirissa has much more to offer than its spectacular beach, surf and swimmable sea it’s renowned for. A string of ocean front restaurants, bars and pubs foster an extremely lively nightlife with exciting events organized throughout the year.

The delectable fresh seafood cuisines and splendid sunsets are just aspects to Mirissa that never fails to enchant. The little harbor and the fact that it is one of the island’s main whale and dolphin watching sites merely adds to the timeless value of the destination. Whether it’s a private get-away from work or a family outing for the weekend, the magic of Mirissa will leave you spellbound.


With Sri Lanka experiencing an all-time high in tourist arrivals, Mirissa continues to be one of the most sought after tourist destination within Sri Lanka particularly given its proximity from the airport and Colombo, wide sandy beach, surfing, whale watching and finally it’s private and secluded reputation internationally.

As per the Sri Lanka Tourist Development Authority (SLTDA 2016 Annual Report), the average occupancy rate enjoyed by SLTDA registered establishment beyond Galle is over 73% in 2016. This is with just over 2 million tourist arrivals to the country. By 2020 the SLTDA expects over 4.5 Million Tourist Arrivals out of which an average of 75% will visit the Southern Coast. Given the current severe shortage of quality accommodation in Mirissa and its corresponding increase in popularity, the investment proposition made to you is an exceptional opportunity.